Sample Prep Fusion

Fluxana Sample Prep Fusion technology is used to prepare samples to be analysed with an X-ray fluorescence machine. It is also used to improve precision over pressed powder technology.


Instruments – VULCAN 2MA, 4MA and 6MA

  • Automatic version
  • No manual adjustment of the flames
  • Full microprocessor control
  • Applications with variable temperature setting possible
  • High flexibility for all types of applications
  • Storage of 10 different programs


Instruments – VULCAN 2M and 4M

  • Manual version
  • Available with 2 or 4 stations
  • Stable temperature of the flames
  • Operation microprocessor controlled
  • Storage of 10 different programs
  • Time ramps can be programmed


  • Automatic version
  • Available as pure ICP – device with 4 or 6 stations
  • Available as mix of XRF and ICP stations, for e.g. 21 MA, 22 MA, 31 MA, 32 MA, 41 MA AND 42 MA (first number indicates the XRF-stations, the second the ICP-stations)
  • Speed of the magnetic stirrer is adjustable


  • PTFE-Cup for Vulcan ICP/AAS
  • Capacity 500ml
  • Height 120 mm, diameter 75mm


  • The extractor hood – Using your Vulcan in combination with the extractor hood will ensure that every bead is produced under the same constant conditions, like temperature, circulation of air, stability of the flames. The extractor hood will take off all vapours and fumes, which will develop during the fusion, so that your health will be protected and the durability of your Vulcan will be extended.
  • The Table – Together with the Vulcan and the hood this table forms a professional setup, manufactured with robust steel and an integrated drawer for all needed accessories.
  • Flux – Borate flux with guaranteed purity from own production. All fluxes are delivered with a certificate of analysis. Anhydrous homogeneous pre-fused fluxes with a low loss on ignition and defined granulometry. With these fluxes the sample will be dissolved totally in a borate glass with a perfect surface.
  • Platinum ware for VULCAN – We supply platinum ware made from platinum/gold 95/5 for fusion machines and laboratory need. We accept old platinum ware for recycling as credit against your next order. We offer all platinum ware also in FKS. This surface finishing increases the lifetime of your crucibles and moulds.
  • Tools – FS-OZ327 – Crucible tongs, shoes of platinum, VU-US1.9kit – Ultrasonic bath with heating, WZ-0004 – Suction tool for beads and pellets, VU-Tiegel_Al2O3 – Crucible made from Aluminium oxide for determination of LOI (loss on ignition). Cheap and very robust alternative for platinum
  • Applications – We offer ready to go calibration packages for x-ray fluorescence analysis.
  • Sample Storage – It is important to keep reference materials, prepared as beads or pellets in a dust free and dry environment. There is a wide range of boxes and containers for single or multiple samples and standards for XRF.

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