Sample Prep Equipment

Direct Rock Sampler

Intended for cutting rocks and stone, for the collection of fine powders from a rock face or core, the special diamond cutting blades easily generate a sample by cutting slots, or even making a line cut on the rock face or drill cores, so that the powder is then easily collected, ready to be cupped or pelletised for XRF analysis. Proper sample collection and preparation can result in a quantitative rock-face analysis in the field within minutes. Powered by 18V Lithium Ion batteries and using readily available blades, the Direct Rock Sampler is fully field-portable and the perfect complementary tool to your Niton.

Electric Hammer Mill

The Electric Hammer Mill is used to grind rock chips or stones for homogenous sample preparation. Offering the first 12VDC powered mill on the market; this powerful device weighing less than 5 kg provides rapid milling of samples and delivers a homogenised, fine powder in just seconds.

Pellet Press

The Pellet Press is used for pressing rock milled powder into solid powder pellets without using any form of binder. Sample pellets can then be analysed in the Thermo Scientific Field Mate Test Stand using your Niton XRF analyser, or directly on the Niton FXL. The use of this unique sample preparation tool improves the precision and accuracy of XRF analysis.

Crushing Tool

The Thermo Scientific Crushing Tool is for breaking down stones and rock chips to pieces smaller than 8mm. This sample preparation is required when using the field-portable Electric Hammer Mill. The crushing tool is designed to prepare about 150-300 grams of sample at a time.

Sample Preparation Tool Kits

Each of these sample preparation tools can be purchased as individual pieces; however they can also be purchased as a complete Sample Preparation Tool Kit. PAS have two Sample Preparation Kits which are available for purchase; The Direct Rock Sample Kit and The Electric Hammer Mill Kit.

Both of these compact, portable, powered tool kits provide you with everything needed for elemental analysis on-site, offering a unique, complementary solution for in-field XRF analysis with the Niton range of hand-held portable XRF analysers.

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