Niton XL3t 960 GOLDD+

The Niton XL3t 960 GOLDD+ hand-held XRF analyser is the ultimate performance tool for in-field collection and efficient analysis of thousands of samples in-situ. With an in-built active CCD camera and optional small spot feature you are able to precisely position, capture and record your data in seconds.

The Niton XL3t 960 GOLDD+ is light weight, rugged, easy to use and totally portable, allowing on-the-spot screening for accurate elemental identification including light elements (Mg-S).

It’s simple point-and-shoot process enables near on instantaneous results for fast decision making saving both time and money.

Key benefits:

  • Superior light element detection (Mg-S)
  • Standard active CCD camera and optional small spot feature
  • Lowest limits of detection, shortest measurement times
  • Ability to analyse toxins in liquids
  • Significant reduction of RCRA element detection limits

The identification and remediation of environmental contaminants is a major and costly challenge from hazardous site modelling and risk assessment to lead in paint abatement.

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