Niton XL2t 980 GOLDD

The Niton XL2t 980 GOLDD hand-held XRF analyser is the value performer for positive materials identification in the manufacturing, engineering, fabrication and scrap recycling sectors. Its rugged construction and bright colour make it perfect for these industries either on the production floor or in the scrap yard.

The XL2t 980 GOLDD is our value performance leader able to analyse a range of materials to determine elemental chemistry including light element detection (Mg-S). The XL2t 980 GOLDD hand-held analyser is lightweight, easy to use, fast and accurate.

Key benefits:

  • Ruggedised construction
  • Value alternative for rapid material identification
  • Light element detection (Aluminium, Bronzes, Titanium, Zinc alloys, Superalloys and specialty metals)
  • Angled colour touch screen
  • NDT software for downloading data and printing certificates

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