Niton FXL 950/ 959 GOLDD+

Niton FXL 950

Now your commercial elemental analysis lab comes to you – a valuable resource you can carry on the back of a truck for in-field exploration, based at the core shed or mining operations.

The Niton FXL 950 Series Field X-ray Lab delivers XRF-based elemental analysis with lab-quality testing performance. Housed in a compact, portable package you can operate virtually anywhere on-site with unmatched performance, features, and mobility.

The Niton FXL 950 Field X-ray Lab makes elemental analysis easy for everyone. Open the lid and place your sample into the 9″ x 12″ x 4. 5″ test chamber. Then simply press a button on the bright, 9″ colour, touch-screen to get accurate results within seconds.

Key benefits:

  • TestAll Geo automatically determines the correct analytical testing mode
  • High sensitivity, low levels of detection
  • Integrated active CCD camera with small-spot feature – test areas as small as 1 mm and conveniently store sample measurements for later reference
  • X-Y positioning – lets you position the XRF head quickly to the precise spot you want to test
  • Sample spinner – rotates the sample within the chamber during testing, ensuring an overall accurate reading that best characterises the entire sample
  • Closed-beam design – requires minimal licensing in most states

With the Niton FXL 950 Field X-ray Lab you can truly take the lab to the field.

Niton FXL 959 GOLDD+

The Niton FXL 959 GOLDD+ mining analyser offers Geometrically Optimised Large area Drift Detector (GOLDD) technology, and has standard calibration for soil and mining analysis. Additional calibrations are available for purchase with the FXL 959 GOLDD+, including:

  • Consumer Paint analysis
  • Electronic Metal Analysis
  • Coatings and general metals analysis
  • Plastics analysis
  • Precious Metals analysis

The FXL 959 GOLDD+ comprises all of the same key benefits as the FXL 950 and additionally comes standard with an XY Movable Sample Head.

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