Hyperspec RECON

Hyperspec RECON VNIR (380-1000 nm) imaging sensors offer discrete target identification for reconnaissance applications at distances of 1.5 kilometers.

The sensor is designed for handheld deployment as part of essential forward reconnaissance applications. It provides very rapid hyperspectral scene rendering of small targets. For field deployment as an intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance sensor (ISR), Hyperspec RECON provides true point & stare hyperspectral functionality with rendered hyperspectral scenes generated in 1 to 3 seconds.

As a very flexible reconnaissance platform, specific target sets and signatures of interest are either downloaded to the sensor or made available via standard SD-RAM storage chips. Given the small size of the sensor and its portability, Hyperspec RECON is also ideal for stationary deployment as an unattended ground sensor for spectral surveillance or as an element of trailer-mounted sensor configurations.

The optical hyperspectral engine is based on Headwall’s existing Hyperspec imaging sensor platform, suitably adapted for high-speed operation required for true handheld operation in harsh environments. The optical design of the Hyperspec RECON instrument rapidly and accurately scans the field of view utilizing either the customized wide or narrow field of view optics. The Hyperspec RECON is optimized for optical throughput providing true real-time operation.

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