Headwall’s HyperCore™ Data Processing Unit manages the high-speed
computing function for airborne applications in a small and very light

HyperCore™ is a small and powerful storage and management system that synthesizes the data streams from hyperspectral sensors plus a range of other instruments commonly used in airborne applications. This is especially beneficial for unmanned aircraft systems (UAS) used for remote sensing missions such as precision agriculture, environmental monitoring, geology, and infrastructure inspection. Combining HyperCore™ with Headwall’s Micro-Hyperspec® sensor yields a solution that is the lightest and smallest in the industry. This means more payload budget for other instruments, such as LiDAR, RGB, thermal, and FODIS, which can be all be connected simultaneously to the unit.
Although the HyperCore hardware is consistent across all applications, Headwall will customize the Hyperspec III software suite based on the instruments being connected. This will assure a seamlessly integrated data stream across all the instruments in the payload, saving significant time and cost during post-processing. HyperCore works seamlessly with standard Hyperspec® sensors having Base CameraLink or Gigabit Ethernet connectivity.

HyperCore Spec Sheet


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