Headwall Hyperspectral

Headwall’s hyperspectral sensors are based on an all-reflective concentric technology using aberration-corrected gratings. Very high SNR, outstanding photometric accuracy, and exceptionally low stray light are key benefits of this technical approach. Robustness is achieved thanks to a design that uses no moving parts and diffraction gratings that are temperature insensitive.

Headwall is the only hyperspectral instrument manufacturer that also produces its own application-specific, all-original diffraction gratings. This state-of-the-art design eliminates chromatic aberration for excellent focus and resolution over the entire spectral range.


Headwall Nano Hyperspec


Nano-Hyperspec-wth-GPS-2A completely integrate

d lightweight VNIR hyperspectral sensor for small UAV applications that includes on-board data-processing/storage and GPS/IMU. Today’s UAVs are exceptionally small and light and they demand payloads to match. Headwall’s new Nano-Hyperspec® is a completely integrated hyperspectral sensor designed for the VNIR (400-1000nm) spectral range. A key advantage of Nano-Hyperspec is that it also includes 480GB of on-board data collection/storage, plus attached GPS/IMU functionality. This allows the payload bay of the UAV to be optimized for other needs such as video or thermal imaging. Weight and space is saved, making for a more efficient airborne solution.  .

Headwall Micro Hyperspec

micro900nm-1700nm and 400nm – 1000nm

Headwall’s Micro-Hyperspec NIR (900nm -1700 nm) & VNIR (400nm -1000 nm) imaging sensors offer extreme performance for the most demanding UAV and UGV applications. Micro-Hyperspec addresses the need for very small, lightweight, and robust hyperspectral imaging instruments capable of being deployed in harsh environments. The sensors are particularly well suited for applications where high spectral/spatial resolution and high dynamic range are key performance parameters. Micro Hyperspec is also optimized for minimum size, weight, and power consumption (SWaP), making it perfectly suited for missions where payload restrictions are critical. Weighing as little as 1.4 lb (0.63kg) depending on configuration, Micro-Hyperspec is optimized for small, hand-launched UAVs such as SKYJIB and PRECISIONHAWK

Headwall Hyperspec UV

Hyperspec UV250nm – 600nm

Headwall’s Hyperspec UV integrated hyperspectral imaging sensor provides the foundation for utilizing hyperspectral imaging to achieve superior spectral sensing and chemical imaging results for mission-critical applications ranging from biomedical applications to forensic science to process monitoring where UV measurement is a critical application parameter


Headwall Hyperspec VIS

Hyperspec UV380nm – 825nm

Hyperspec VIS covers

the 380nm – 825nm spectral range and is available in four versions to meet varying requirements with respect to camera type, frame rate, dynamic range, and region-of-interest binning.

Headwall Hyperspec VNIR

Hyperspec VNIR400nm – 1000nm

Hyperspec VNIR imaging sensors encompass a broad range of models with capabilities and price points to suit any application. Designed for use in the 400nm – 1000nm spectral range, they are available as lens-based imagers or as multi-channel, multi-point fiber instruments. With different options for imaging performance, frame rates, and data management, users can select among four sensor models within the Hyperspec VNIR family.

Headwall Hyperspec SWIR

Hyperspec SWIR950nm – 2500nm

Headwall’s Hyperspec SWIR imaging spectrometer provides unparalleled spectral and spatial performance in the short wave infrared spectral region of 950 to 2500 nm. Being the industry’s smallest SWIR hyperspectral sensor, a range of new applications are enabled in areas such as mining & exploration, remote sensing, and process manufacturing.

Headwall Hyperspec VNIR-SWIR

Headwall VNIR-SWIR

VNIR-SWIR: 400-2500nm with Pixel Co-Registration

A common requirement for advanced remote-sensing applications is to utilize a wideband spectral imager to cover the VNIR and SWIR hyperspectral range from 400 to 2500nm. This includes both ground-based and airborne applications. Airborne applications, however, demand small and light sensor packages. This was a primary design focus for Headwall in developing this new wideband VNIR-SWIR sensor.

Headwall Hyperspec Inspector

Hyperspec InspectorHelping to making advanced machine vision a reality, HyperspecInspector provides spectral & spatial imaging for the most demanding process inspection and manufacturing applications. Fully integrated for reliable, repeatable performance in production and inspection environments, Hyperspec INSPECTOR is available in several versions covering these spectral ranges.

Headwall Hyperspec Software

Hyperspectral ImageHyperspectral imaging technology is a marriage of hardware and software. From remote sensing to advanced machine vision and biotech imaging, the ability to capture and manage ‘data cubes’ is what sets Headwall apart. We offer both standard and compact data-processing units, as well as Headwall’s newest UAV-specific HyperCore™ that provides true data fusion among a range of instruments commonly connected in airborne remote sensing application

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