Gold and Precious Metals Testing

The Niton XL2t 100 hand-held and Bench top Niton DXL XRF analyser commonly known as the “Niton gun” has been widely accepted by the precious metals market, with users as varied as government mints to one man operations. The high level of performance, easy operation and speed create a simple and affordable solution for your precious metals testing.

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Accurately testing your solid gold, silver and other precious metals is possible with the Niton XL2t 100. The testing is completely non-destructive and will supply accurate concentrations for 14 elements and karat values in seconds. All data is stored and a certificate of analysis can be printed from a PC as confirmation of the results.

Whether you are testing scrap Jewellery, alluvial gold, bullion or furnace samples, this entry level XRF is ideal for a range of applications.

Niton XL2t 100

The XL2t 100 is supplied as an out of the box testing solution, everything you need to test your material is included; analyser, test stand and all required software.

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