FieldSpec Dual Collection Software

The FieldSpec® Dual collection software system leverages the value and utility of the world’s most trusted line of portable field spectrometers. The software intercalibrates and wirelessly synchronizes two ASD FieldSpec spectroradiometers to collect near simultaneous white reference and sample target radiance spectra. The system virtually eliminates errors associated with time varying atmospheric conditions, one of the biggest challenges to collecting accurate field spectra.

Stop waiting for “ideal” weather to get your fieldwork done.

The FieldSpec Dual collection software system offers a radical shift in the workflow paradigm of traditional field spectral measurements.

  • Minimizes inherent errors introduced by time varying atmospheric conditions and subjective manual reference measurements.
  • Greatly increases opportunities for field data collection.
  • Delivers an unprecedented level of confidence in the quality of data collected under solar illuminated conditions.
  • Establishes a benchmark standard for spectral data collected in the field with solar illumination.
  • Simplifies the spectral collection workflow for goniometer research and bidirectional reflectance studies.
  • Increases efficiency and accuracy of vicarious sensor calibration and validation measurements.

The dynamic nature of atmospheric environments pose one of the greatest obstacles to the accuracy of field collected reflectance measurements. It’s important to understand that a target’s reflectance spectrum is derived by ratioing two radiance measurements; one from the target and one from a white reference panel. Illumination consistency between the two measurements is critical for the derivation of an error-free reflectance spectrum.

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