Danatronics ECH-09 Colour

The Danatronics ECH-09 Colour Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge is one of the world’s smallest and only ultrasonic thickness gauges with high resolution colour waveform display. Unique features include live colour A-scan, encoded B-scan, 100K thickness reading (2600 waveforms), data-logger with interface program, vibration and colour change of waveform on alarm.

The Live Waveform is critical in many applications requiring Waveform or A-Scan verification to ensure the displayed thickness value is correct. Typical applications at refineries and processing plants are the most critical including boiler tubes, high temperature piping and pressure vessels.

The Live colour Waveform ensures the thickness readings is correct. Bond inspection, phase reversal, high temperature measurements, foreign object, de-lamination, excessive wall thinning, echo to echo to ignore coatings, mode converted echoes, lobe skipping and doubling are typical applications where  the colour wave is the ideal solution.

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