D & P Instruments FTIR

D&P Instruments are a  global leader supplying portable and compact FT-IR spectrometers for field and industrial use through innovation and outstanding customer responsiveness.


TurboFTProgeny™ is the world’s first completely handheld Raman analyzer designed to seamlessly integrate into any work environment for Raw Material Identification of pharmaceutical, nutraceutical, and cosmetic ingredient. Verification of trial materials, chemicals, solvents and cell culture media Authentication of finished products and anti-counterfeit prevention



Model 102

Model 102Progeny™ ResQ™ handheld Raman analyzer, provides emergency responders, law enforcement agencies and the military with the industry’s most advanced yet easy-to-use chemical detection system. Faced with increasingly sophisticated chemical threats and global drug trafficking, Progeny ResQ enables users to detect, identify and respond to these threats with confidence at the touch of a button. Detect Explosive Threats Quickly and accurately while wearing M3-type protective suits in harsh environments. Identify a Wide Range Of narcotics and illegal drugs removing any uncertainty over results. Respond to Suspicious Hazardous materials that pose a toxic risk to public safety

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