ASD Terraspec Halo

Introducing the PANalytical ASD TerraSpec® Halo, the quickest way to identify minerals.

The TerraSpec Halo is a lightweight, portable, full range near-infrared spectrometer designed to revolutionize the mineral exploration process. With a simple push of a button, the TerraSpec Halo delivers mineralogy results in a matter of seconds, a rapid method to identify minerals and decrease associated exploration costs.

The onscreen results are delivered via a proprietary mineral prediction software program that gathers data from a vast mineral library obtained from some of the world’s top mineral databases.

The TerraSpec Halo is available in multiple languages. Currently the instrument and user manuals are available in American English, Spanish and Simplified Chinese with additional languages in the planning stages.

The TerraSpec Halo’s easy-to-use phaser-style format and onscreen interpretations, allow this same work to be completed by a technician (with geologist oversight).  A geologist can easy instruct the technician to watch for the occurrence/disappearance of a certain mineral, or watch for a particular scalar.

Additional benefits of the TerraSpec Halo include:

–                  Simple mineral data capture and handling

–                  Voice recording capability

–                  Extensive spectral library

–                  Immediate multi-mineral results and scalars

–                  No third-party hardware

–                  No cables needed for data collection

–                  On board GPS

The TerraSpec Halo has been optimized for a range of mineral exploration applications including ore deposit mineral alteration halos or clay species delineation, core and drill chip analysis, and in production environments for field confirmation, ore grade control and other purposes.

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