ASD LabSpec 4 Bench

The ASD LabSpec 4 bench is configured specifically for fixed –location analysis with AC power, this bench-top analyser provides all the performance of ASD’s LabSpec 4 spectrometer line in a space –saving and cost effective design.

The bench-top analyser features a sophisticated near infra-red (NIR) spectroscopy at a 10nm resolution for accurate measurement of a wide variety of materials in real time. Like the portable models, an enhanced spectrometer configuration more than doubles the signal-to- noise performance in the SWIR region.

Key benefits of the LabSpec 4 Bench:

  • Double the signal – to – noise performance in the SWIR region translates to dramatically faster spectra collection with no compromise in data quality.
  • Non-destructive measurement means no sample prep and allows for the re-use of the sample in other research efforts.
  • Maintains signal – to – noise performance at high analytic throughput for accurate processing of several hundred samples per day.
  • Models are transferable between the LabSpec 4 Bench and LabSpec 4 Standard-Res instruments.
  • Works with all ASD sampling accessories

The 10nm resolution of the LabSpec 4 Bench instrument is suitable for the measurement of powders and solids with broad spectral features such as food and feed products, forestry products and raw material identification.

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