ASD Handheld 2

The FieldSpec HandHeld 2TM and HandHeld 2 Pro — the latest in the FieldSpec line of premier spectroradiometers from ASD, the global leader in remote sensing spectroscopy instrumentation solutions.

What’s New in the HandHeld 2

  •   Now available with GPS capability!
  •   On-board, tilting display for immediate spectrum display
  •   Local push-button operation
  •   Internal file storage of up to 2,000 spectra
  •   No need to be tethered to a computer during spectrum collection
  •   Integral laser pointer for targeting
  •   USB communication ports
  •   Employs standard AA batteries — rechargeable or disposable
  •   Configurable pre-sets and file management with HH2 Sync software
  •   Standard Pelican high-impact case meets FAA airline carry-on requirements

Benefits of the HandHeld 2

  •   Portable, self-contained data collection
  •   Rapid data acquisition with large file storage capacity
  •   High precision with proprietary DriftLock™ dark current reduction
  •   Flexible operation, either local or from external computer
  •   Precise results over wide 25° field-of-view
  •   Accurate targeting with integral laser
  •   Extended run time using standard, rechargeable batteries

HandHeld 2 Accessory Kits

Learn about our customized accessory kits for the HandHeld 2 models. These convenient, easy-to-order bundles are based on the most common application requirements.

More about the HandHeld 2 Spectroradiometer

Using ASD’s cutting-edge VNIR spectroscopy for real-time non-destructive sampling, the HandHeld 2 portable spectroradiometer revolutionizes measurements by providing truly portable, quickly derived precision reflectance, radiance, and irradiance spectra in a variety of environments.

  •   Precision spectral measurements
  •   Portable and rugged — information where and when you need it
  •   Real-time, laboratory-quality results
  •   Non-destructive remotely sensed data

The HandHeld 2 provides the ideal combination of performance, portability, and durability. The HandHeld 2 spectroradiometer employs a high-sensitivity detector array, a low stray light grating, a built-in shutter, DriftLock™ dark current compensation, and second-order filtering to produce a high signal-to-noise spectrum in under a second.

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