XRF and LIBS Technology – The best of both worlds at your finger tips


PAS are able to supply both the Niton XRF and Katana LIBs technologies, meaning you are able to source the best instrument for your applications. even though there is alloys that can be analysed on both instrument, there are clear differences that will determine which instrument is best for you.




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Niton XRF
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Niton XRF

From quality control at a manufacturing plant to sorting scrap metal or identifying a failed alloy component there is a Niton hand-held XRF analyser to do the job. Many customers now demand certified materials be used, as such you need to be sure that the alloy grade and composition meets the specifications required.

If you are sorting scrap metal our range of Niton ‘guns’ give you fast, accurate metal sorting to maintain your profitability and stay ahead of the often volatile shifts in metal pricing.

Product portfolio


PAS offer a full range of Niton hand-held XRF analysers to cover the specialised analysis needs of the foundry industry. Niton hand-held XRF analysers are the ideal tool for screening incoming scrap, as well as providing quick, non-destructive chemistry and grade verification of chill castings and final product.

  • Fast, on-the-spot analysis of melt material
  • Lab-quality accuracy and precision
  • Non-destructive analysis, test final products with confidence
  • Fast, simple reporting and certification generation

Scrap metal sorting

Our value leading Niton XL2t 800 hand-held XRF analyser commonly named the “Niton gun” is the ideal tool for quick, on-the-spot analysis of up to 25 elements in a range of alloys covering stainless steel, copper alloys, nickel alloys, brasses, bronzes and a range of common metals.

Should you be looking at aluminium alloys, magnesium alloys, sulphur and phosphorous based alloys then our Niton XL2t 980 GOLDD hand-held XRF analyser is the instrument for you.

QA & QC – PMI in metal fabrication, manufacturing and engineering

The potential for material mix-ups and the need for traceability are a concern at every step in the manufacturing process.

With a global material supply chain, relying on supplier documentation cannot give you the peace of mind that the material you have is absolutely correct. The current emphasis on the supply of certified material in particular to the Petrochem, Oil, Gas and Defence sectors is paramount in enabling you to supply these industries.

When the job calls for alloy grade identification, the Niton XL2t 800 is your value choice, or when you are looking for light elements (Al-S) the Niton XL2t 980 GOLDD is the value leading performance option.

Should the need arise for even better performance, isolation and analysis of welds and very small samples or greater flexibility with your analytical needs, the Niton XL3t 800 and Niton XL3t 980 GOLDD+ offer a wider array of standard and available options.

Bio-Pharmaceutical, food and medical

Bio-pharmaceutical, food and medical engineering specifications require complete traceability of critical stainless steel and titanium components. Currently, many facilities use mill certification and heat stamps to ensure validation of these components. However, these have shown to be unreliable in some cases, resulting in some facilities shifting toward verification using hand-held Niton XRF analysis.

The Niton XL2t 800, Niton XL2t 980 GOLDD, Niton XL3t 800 and Niton XL3t 980 GOLDD+ give you the ability to test critical components in-situ and on-site saving time, money and minimising any potential mix ups or incorrectly supplied materials.

Flow accelerated corrosion (FAC)

FAC is a complex process influenced by a number of variables. However, both laboratory testing and plant experience have shown that material composition, particularly trace chromium content, is the most important variable influencing FAC.

Utilising a Niton hand-held XRF analyser enables detection of trace alloy content in carbon steel piping and components for more effective and efficient planning of inspection protocols, reducing downtime, saving costs and reducing potential accidents.

The Niton range of hand-held XRF analysers set the standard for monitoring trace alloy content of carbon steel piping where FAC is a concern.

  • Lowest published detection limits for Cr, Cu, Ni and Mo in carbon steel
  • Fastest non-destructive analysis
  • Rugged, lightweight, point and shoot simplicity

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