Agilent 4200 FlexScan Series FTIR

The 4200 FlexScan Series FTIR (handheld) is a dual module system the optical module weighs 3 lbs and it is attached to the 4 lb electronics module by a power cable. The electronics module can be worn on a belt or in a shoulder pack. The 4200 analyzer uses the same interferometer and optics as the 4100 ExoScan and thus has identical performance. The 4200 FlexScan is for dedicated field applications and has a fixed sampling interface that is specified when the system is ordered. The light weight of the hand-held optics and sampling module make it well suited to repetitive infrared analyses over a large area, or numerous measurements over a large object.


  • Hand-held
  • Fixed sampling interface – multiple configurations available
  • The grazing angle interface has an angle of incidence of 82 degrees making it ideal for the analysis of very thin (sub-micron) films.
  • The ATR interface is ideal for the analysis of solids, liquids, pastes and gels.
  • The specular reflectance interface allows the analysis of films and coatings on reflective metal surfaces such as aluminum or steel.
  • The ATR interface offers an ideal solution for the analysis of highly absorbing solids and liquids.
  • The diffuse reflectance sampling capability allows the 4200 FlexScan to tackle an increased number of important applications, including artwork, soils, rocks and minerals, composites, rough plastics, fabrics and corrosion on metal surfaces.
  • MicroLab Mobile Software: The MicroLab Mobile FTIR software reflects the design of the Mobile measurement hardware – powerful, reliable, simple to use and focused on what you need – answers. Necessary compliance features can be achieved through the addition of our optional Pharmaceutical Software package.
  • Intuitive — method driven, multi-language software guides users through every step of operation, while color coding alerts make it easy to see whether samples meet specifications. MicroLab Quant provides a simple, guided quantitative methods development package.
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