Headwall Photonics is a truly unique technology venture that was founded in 2003 as the result of a management buy-out of Agilent Technologies’ Holographic Grating Operation. Headwall is the world’s leading high-volume manufacturer of original holographic diffraction gratings, optical modules, and fully integrated imaging instruments. The Company produces these products for end users as well as its OEM partners.

Continuing the rich engineering legacy of American Holographic (which was acquired by Agilent in 2000), Headwall offers its extensive worldwide base of customers a range of application-specific optical wavelength solutions. Markets include industrial inspection, defense and security, remote sensing, and biotechnology.

Strategically, Headwall’s optical capabilities can help customers extend their engineering organizations. The Company’s strength comes from providing customers with engineering expertise and capabilities throughout the product life cycle, which ranges from product concept and optical design through high-volume manufacturing.

Headwall’s application-specific hyperspectral and Raman products deliver highest optical performance thanks to high grating efficiency and low stray light. The gratings themselves are also application-specific with respect to groove density, size, and performance. By producing all-original gratings, Headwall is able to assure optical uniformity for each one. Small form-factor gratings, rapid prototyping, environmental stability, and Telcordia compliance are all focus points for Headwall.

Headwall Photonics Inc Products

Hyperspec® Fluorescence Sensor 755nm-775nm

Chlorophyll fluorescence sensors represent a key tool for the remote-sensing community. Light re-emitted after being absorbed by chlorophyll molecules of plant leaves is an indicator of ecological conditions and overall plant physiology. The spectral range of interest is roughly 754 to 775 nanometers (Near-Infrared, or NIR). The need is not only for a sensor that … read more.

Mining and Exploration

Mining and Exploration Portable Analytical Solutions (PAS) offer more than one analysis option for your mining and exploration projects; Chemical/ Elemental analysis is achieved using Thermo Fisher Scientific’s range of Niton hand-held x-ray fluorescence (XRF) analysers, and Mineral analysis is achieved using ASD Inc.’s range of Near Infra-red (NIR) Spectrometers. Speak to our team of specialists … read more.

Headwall Hyperspectral

Headwall's hyperspectral sensors are based on an all-reflective concentric technology using aberration-corrected gratings. Very high SNR, outstanding photometric accuracy, and exceptionally low stray light are key benefits of this technical approach. Robustness is achieved thanks to a design that uses no moving parts and diffraction gratings that are temperature insensitive. Headwall is the only hyperspectral instrument … read more.


Headwall’s HyperCore™ Data Processing Unit manages the high-speed computing function for airborne applications in a small and very light package. HyperCore™ is a small and powerful storage and management system that synthesizes the data streams from hyperspectral sensors plus a range of other instruments commonly used in airborne applications. This is especially beneficial for unmanned aircraft systems (UAS) … read more.

Nano HyperSpec

A completely integrated lightweight VNIR hyperspectral Sensor for small UAV applications that includes on-board data-processing/storage and GPS/IMU. today’s UAVs are exceptionally small and light and they demand payloads to match. Headwall’s new Nano-Hyperspec® is a completely integrated hyperspectral sensor that is designed for the VNIR (400-1000nm) spectral range. A key advantage of Nano- Hyperspec is that it also includes on-board data … read more.

Instrument Rentals

PAS offer the opportunity to rent reliable, fully serviced Niton XRF Analysers for short or long term periods for Mining, Environmental and Alloy sectors. Perhaps you would like to trial an instrument for a new application? Or you are an existing customer that requires a second unit for a short time? Here at PAS we offer … read more.

Micro Hyperspec

900nm-1700nm and 400nm - 1000nm Headwall's Micro-Hyperspec NIR (900nm -1700 nm) & VNIR (400nm -1000 nm) imaging sensors offer extreme performance for the most demanding UAV and UGV applications. Micro-Hyperspec addresses the need for very small, lightweight, and robust hyperspectral imaging instruments capable of being deployed in harsh environments. The sensors are particularly well suited for applications … read more.

Hyperspec UV

250nm - 600nm Headwall’s Hyperspec UV integrated hyperspectral imaging sensor provides the foundation for utilizing hyperspectral imaging to achieve superior spectral sensing and chemical imaging results for mission-critical applications ranging from biomedical applications to forensic science to process monitoring where UV measurement is a critical application parameter. Key attributes of the Hyperspec UV include: High performance aberration … read more.

Hyperspec VIS

380nm - 825nm Hyperspec VIS covers the 380nm – 825nm spectral range and is available in four versions to meet varying requirements with respect to camera type, frame rate, dynamic range, and region-of-interest binning. A-Series (Camera Link) C-Series (PCI, Compact PCI) N-Series (USB 2.0) P-Series (Firewire) Every Hyperspec instrument is built for high-efficiency, aberration-corrected imaging performance thanks to Headwall’s patented holographic … read more.

Hyperspec VNIR

400nm - 1000nm Hyperspec VNIR imaging sensors encompass a broad range of models with capabilities and price points to suit any application. Designed for use in the 400nm – 1000nm spectral range, they are available as lens-based imagers or as multi-channel, multi-point fiber instruments. With different options for imaging performance, frame rates, and data management, users … read more.

Hyperspec Extended VNIR

550nm - 1700nm Headwall’s Hyperspec Extended VNIR imaging spectrometer specifically targets the 550nm - 1700nm spectral range to uniquely offer high resolution spectral imaging capabilities for a wide range of in-line manufacturing and remote sensing applications. The Hyperspec Extended VNIR imaging spectrometer is available in two configurations - as a lens-based imager or as a multi-channel/multi-point spectrometer. … read more.

Hyperspec Multi-Channel

550nm - 1700nm The Hyperspec Extended VNIR multi-channel imaging sensor targets the 550nm to 1700nm spectral range and offers high resolution spectral imaging capabilities plus a multi-channel 35-leg (SMA terminated) fiber-optic bundle with 20 mm ferrule on the common end. The award-winning, Hyperspec imaging spectrometer family is built on a totally reflective concentric, f/2.0 optical design … read more.