When it comes to pharmaceuticals, exact knowledge of product components is essential. The ASD LabSpec® 4 Hi-Res and Standard-Res are specialised spectrometers for the identification of a range of materials, helping pharmaceutical companies evaluate their quality control and improve their operations. Whether you want to ascertain the content of a pill, verify correct formulation or search for counterfeit drugs, we have the product to meet your needs.

ASD produce a range of near infra-red (NIR) spectrometers for the laboratory, the warehouse and remote locations. The ASD LabSpec® 4 Spectrometers have a wide spectral range of 350 to 2500 nm, which allows them to measure all relevant ingredients, including the active pharmaceutical ingredient (API), binders, colorants and excipients simultaneously. This versatility ensures complete coverage of your product and makes ASD systems a cost-effective choice.

Sample analysis takes a few seconds without tampering with the sample and is completely non-destructive.

All ASD products feature easy-to-use software that is compatible with the two leading Chemometric software packages such as Thermo Grams® and Unscrambler®.

ASD measurement solutions have been used effectively for:

  • Raw material inspection in the lab or on the warehouse floor
  • Quality inspection to ensure manufacturing specifications
  • Counterfeit drug detection

When you need rapid, non-destructive measurement for a range of pharmaceutical applications, look no further than ASD.

Pharmaceutical Products

Agilent 4300 Handheld FTIR

The 4300 Handheld FTIR is the first of its kind employing lightweight ergonomics, ease of use, ruggedness, and flexibility into one system. The 4300 weighs in at approximately 2kg. With its lighter weight and new design, the ergonomics of the system make it ideal for field use and deployment into non-laboratory situations. A variety of … read more.

VITRIOX Fusion Machine

The fusion technology is used to prepare samples to be analyzed with an X-ray fluorescence instrument. It is also used to improve precision over pressed powder technology. Electrical Fusion Machine:  Fully automatic cold to cold operation for 1, 2, 4 or 6 samples; 1 sample at a time  Highest precision (ISO 29581-2 "expert performance") for all kinds of … read more.

Fluxana Standard and Preparation

Fluxana deliver all types of accessories, such as cups, foils, chemicals and calibration standards, to the users of XRF. Additionally we offer a wide range of sample preparation equipment including fusion equipment, mills and presses.           Standards XRF analytical instruments require certified reference materials to establish a calibration curve ensuring the analysis of inorganic compositions of a substance … read more.

Headwall Hyperspectral

Headwall's hyperspectral sensors are based on an all-reflective concentric technology using aberration-corrected gratings. Very high SNR, outstanding photometric accuracy, and exceptionally low stray light are key benefits of this technical approach. Robustness is achieved thanks to a design that uses no moving parts and diffraction gratings that are temperature insensitive. Headwall is the only hyperspectral instrument … read more.


High Performance NIR Spectroradiometers and Spectrometers  ASD Inc., a PANalytical company is recognized worldwide for providing high performance analytical instrumentation solutions to industrial and scientific markets. The ASD Inc. team solves real-world natural resource materials measurement problems.ASD Inc. was founded in 1990 and continues to design, manufacture, and sell sophisticated Near-Infrared (NIR) spectroscopy instruments, solutions and applications expertise … read more.

Niton XRF

Get lab-quality results with user-friendly portable  analyzers — anywhere, anytime, under any condition.   Precious Metals     Scrap    PMI     NDT Exploration     Mining     Environmental RoHS     Waste Sorting     Hazmat   Thermo Scientific™ portable analytical instruments deliver instant, actionable data for quick decision making in critical situations. Combining sophisticated technologies and an incredibly easy-to-use interface, our portable analyzers provide rapid, reliable chemical identification … read more.

ASD LabSpec 4

The ASD LabSpec 4 line of near infra-red lab instruments is portable and precise. This advanced new line features an improved optical design, which provides a faster speed of analysis while yielding the best possible analytical results on a wide range of materials, including solids, powders and liquids. Improvements to the ASD LabSpec 4 line provide … read more.

ASD LabSpec 4 Bench

The ASD LabSpec 4 bench is configured specifically for fixed –location analysis with AC power, this bench-top analyser provides all the performance of ASD’s LabSpec 4 spectrometer line in a space –saving and cost effective design. The bench-top analyser features a sophisticated near infra-red (NIR) spectroscopy at a 10nm resolution for accurate measurement of a wide … read more.