Distributing an extensive range of products from a number of suppliers, allows for Portable Analytical Solutions (PAS) to provide for many different applications and industries. From the Thermo Scientific Niton range of XRF Analysers, ASD Inc.’s range of spectrometers and Rigaku’s analytical and industrial instrumentation technology, you are sure to find what you’re looking for.

  • Food - Crops and Soils

    Food – Crops and Soils For decades, scientists have used high-resolution reflectance spectra of minerals and soils to determine soil mineralogy and to assess soil physical properties. The ASD FieldSpec 4 Standard-Res near infra-red (NIR) spectrometer has coupled remote sensing data, geo-referenced … read more.

  • Mineral Analysis

    Mineral Analysis- ASD (NIR) ASD TerraSpec 4 Near Infra-red (NIR) Spectrometer Obtaining fast, accurate mineral identification either in the field or at the mine-site is critical in ensuring exploration targets are met and mine operations continue to operate profitably. The ASD TerraSpec® … read more.

  • Elemental Analysis

    Chemical/Elemental Analysis – Niton (XRF) Thermo Scientific Niton x-ray Fluorescence (XRF) Analysers Saving time and money with in-situ analysis of samples is critical for today’s modern exploration and mining operations. The Niton range of portable hand-held XRF analysers are the choice for … read more.

  • Bioscience

    Bioscience Bioscience covers the range of sciences which deal with living organisms, Portable Analytical Solutions (PAS) selection of ASD and BaySpec/Rigaku products cover some aspects of bioscience more so than others. ASD LabSpec 4 High-Res and LabSpec 4 Standard-Res Biofuels Analysis – The use of … read more.

  • Sample Preparation

    Sample Preparation PAS would like to introduce Thermo Scientific’s NEW Field Portable Sample Preparation Tools, specifically made for use with your Niton hand-held XRF analyser. There are 4 tools available to assist with your sample collection and preparation process. Direct Rock Sampler Intended … read more.