Environmental and Forestry

The identification and remediation of environmental contaminants is a major and costly issue facing many industries. From hazardous site modelling to risk assessment and on-site containment screening the ability to collect and efficiently analyse thousands of samples in-situ is a fundamental requirement in effectively managing these processes.

There are a range of Niton hand-held XRF analysers for the environmental market with a standard analytical range from S through U from our XL2 GOLDD and XL3t to our performance leading XL3t GOLDD+ with lower detection limits and light element analysis for (Mg, Al, Si, P and S).

You can identify elemental concentrations from the most subtle anomalies at unprecedented low levels to high levels of contaminants in soils, on-site in real time.

Key benefits:

  • Immediate sample results on-site, soil, lead dust wipes, and air filter analysis
  • Real-time delineation of contamination boundaries and site modelling
  • Lower detection limits for phosphorous, sulphur and chlorine
  • Totally non-destructive analysis
  • Ability to see toxic analytes in liquids <10 ppm
  • NDT software for downloading data and printing reports

Lightweight and rugged the Niton range of portable hand-held XRF analysers, are your lab in the hand solution.

Environmental and Forestry Products

Instrument Rentals

PAS offer the opportunity to rent reliable, fully serviced Niton XRF Analysers for short or long term periods for Mining, Environmental and Alloy sectors. Perhaps you would like to trial an instrument for a new application? Or you are an existing customer that requires a second unit for a short time? Here at PAS we offer … read more.

Niton XL3t 600

The Niton XL3t 600 hand-held XRF analyser is our feature leader instrument that provides near real-time data in the palm of your hand for the identification and remediation of environmental contaminants on-site from soils and sediments to waste water, liquids and painted surfaces. With enhanced performance for Silver, Tin, Cadmium and Barium the Niton XL3t 600 … read more.

Niton XL3t 960 GOLDD+

The Niton XL3t 960 GOLDD+ hand-held XRF analyser is the ultimate performance tool for in-field collection and efficient analysis of thousands of samples in-situ. With an in-built active CCD camera and optional small spot feature you are able to precisely position, capture and record your data in seconds. The Niton XL3t 960 GOLDD+ is light weight, … read more.

Niton XL2t 600

The Niton XL2t 600 hand-held XRF analyser is our entry level analyser used primarily for lead contamination in soils and paint, remedial site works at mining facilities and point of export or in homes that are situated in high lead areas. The Niton XL2t 600 analyser is the ideal tool for determining lead levels in homes, schools, … read more.